Mr. Jackson is the kind of property manager every home owner should strive to find. He is personal—it will not take you long to get to know him as Joe. He is professional—he is timely at taking care of problems and communicating clearly with you about what is happening. He is prepared—he does not forget that he works for you and he comes with a clear set of options and recommendations so that you can make a final decision based on solid information. In the real estate and property management business, like other sectors, there are good players and bad players. There is know doubt that Joe Jackson is one of the good guys and his desire to be the best for all of his clients and the community makes him an outstanding choice to be on your team.


Mark Riccobono

President, National Federation of the Blind. Northeast Baltimore City

PPM has been a great company helping us screen and find the right tenants for our condo by making the process seamless. They answered all of our questions and even helped our tenants get settled. We couldn't have found great tenants without them.


Jessica J.

Perry Hall Homeowner

Progressive Property Management has done outstanding service in helping me maintain the value of my property and handles my tenants concerns in a timely and professional manner. They do a great job!


Louis B.

Canton Homeowner